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Marque One Motor Club, just 110 minutes from Bengaluru International Airport, features at its soul a 3.2km FIA graded international circuit. The race-grade asphalt track is built to test the professional race car driver, and designed to be safe and enjoyable for the casual club member. 

With an 800m integrated drag strip and +-25m of elevation change, the facility will play host to auto-majors for their vigorous R&D purposes, event organisers as well as individuals and families who are passionate about motorsports.

With the capability for vehicles to exceed 230kmph, safety is as per international standards. The racetrack will be equipped with F1 level electronics, barriers as well as race-grade asphalt run-off areas. 

Accompanying the racetrack will be an expansive off-road and rock crawling course, skid-pan and a kick-plate for R&D as well as leisure purposes.

Auto-manufacturers and event organisers will have the ability to make use of the paddock building as well as a semi-open amphitheatre for their vehicle and product launches. 

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Marque One Motor Club, its promoters and team members are firm believers of 'Sustainable Development' and are completely dedicated towards achieving the 'United Nations 17 Sustainability Goals' in the local region. We aim to be at the forefront of incorporating the Sustainability Goals and will influence the wider national region.

Sustainable Development is key in the phased design, construction and operation of the Marque One Motor Club. A few of the facilities earmarked are (including those already completed for the construction phase):

  • Renewable Energy - Solar, Wind, New Tech R&D

  • Efficiencies in Electricity and Water - LED lighting, low energy HVAC, rain water harvesting.

  • LEED Certification for Building Construction

  • Sewage & Waste Management and Treatment

  • Zero Plastic Use

  • Food - Locally sourced as much as possible & low carbon footprint

  • Food Growth - vertical farms, container farms, aquaculture, apiculture, fungiculture, microbrewery

  • Electric Track Transit & Charging Stations

  • Eco Tech R&D Centre - Linked up with Electric auto and auto-component manufacturers

  • Education - Development link with universities, school tours, volunteering programs

  • Carbon Neutral Conferences, Events & Gigs

  • Annual Open Source Carbon & Impact Audit

  • Best Policy Practice Across the Board - so that we strive to be as Eco-friendly as possible)

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The Marque One Motor Club is more than just a racetrack, it is a luxury motoring destination for individuals, families and businesses.

Members of CLUB.ONE will have exclusive access to the clubhouse with an infinity pool overlooking the racetrack, secure temperature controlled vehicle storage units, priority access to events and some of the finest track-side accommodation available. 

In addition to the freedom of being able to drive their high performance cars the way they are meant to be driven, each member will be provided with a complimentary vehicle storage unit and a dedicated MARQUE.ONE transponder - just to settle the important matters - who is going to buy dinner later. 

Whether you have prior track experience or not, we provide our members with the ability to hone their skills with a professional racing driver. And once you have lived life to the fullest, come on over to the hospitality area and enjoy an exclusive dining experience.

If you envision the CLUB.ONE lifestyle and would like to express your interest in becoming a member, please click here.

You can also email us at



The hospitality unit of The Marque One Motor Club will be a 40 key automotive and motorsport themed development with each room built to offer an experience, unmatched and unavailable anywhere else in India.

Whether you want to relax after hammering the track or have a meeting with your colleagues after a productive day of R&D or even if you want to get away from the monotonous city life for a quick weekend, the boutique hotel at The Marque One Motor Club will be equipped to cater to all your needs.

Each room of the boutique hotel will be unique, inspired by the progressive and technology-driven automobile industry, integrating seamlessly with the racetrack and the beautiful rocky landscape.

Expect views of mountains on one side and the flowing racetrack on the other side.

Have any queries? Contact us at:

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